On praying ground

Tozer says that to have our prayers answered we must meet 2 conditions 1 pray with the ultimate will of God and to be on praying ground (be right with God). This made me wonder about the term praying ground which I like a lot. Unrepentant sin takes us off of praying grounds any of the me sins left unchecked knocks us off. But we don’t want to believe that these days do we. Our God is Love and would not hold a little small sin against us would he??? Yes He would, God will not be in the presence of Sin!!!!! It’s on us to get to praying grounds. If we are not our prayers fall straight to the dirt. A prayer can’t be used in His name if you are not Walking with Him. Ok moving on. I tried to find a cool image for the cover of this but anything to do with prayer is about muslims. Have we fallen that far that we are not recognized at all for our prayer. 31% of the world are some denomination that follows Jesus. 24% Muslim. They are gaining ground for a false prophet daily and we are losing ground. We need to become synonymous with prayer again. Find our own praying grounds and get busy praying.


Ramblings over coffee. Good Friday folks.

In the movie Lonesome Dove Gus says “what’s good for me ain’t necessarily good for the week minded”. I think that is way deeper than the kiddie pool. I have been in deep water. I mean deep water! And I hurried back to the shallows to weather a storm or two. But I feel Jesus pulling me back out in that deep water again and I am excited. See the thing with deep water is that your feet don’t touch but as long as you can kick your feet a little the waves seem small. When you are on the Hill the waves seem big. And if you get caught in the tidal break they will beat you to death. Ok that may have been confusing. But when you are having a trial and you feel the need to depend on yourself you will get beat down by the trial. And we all know that we should seek God for understanding when we come under fire but we just don’t do that initially. Tell that lie if you want to but you know you try to fix it yourself first. Dummy I do too! But when the trials have subsided and we can get back to doing more than survive, we can learn so much Because we worry about Gods things more than Jamie’s or ________ ‘s things. Tozer said “Let me remember I’m a prophet”. Things are going to stink for the ones He calls. I know you have been told for years Salvation is free and easy and following Jesus is a breeze. You have been misguided by Charlatans. Yes Jesus paid for your Salvation but the repayment in Sanctification costs everything. I mean everything. To have a genuine conversation from dark to light you have to change. To become more and more like Christ. If this is not happening then you need to reflect on what it really means to be saved. (Wait did I just say Salvation is not free?? Kinda. Jesus paid the price and we could never pay Him back but WE SHOULD WANT TO. I believe when you really come to the foot of the Cross you then start to see that you have to change so much and there is where the repayment can start through works!) So trials and hardships are all for a purpose just try not to go to shallow and keep kicking your feet when they come. Today is Good Friday. When the Debt was paid. My Jesus was hung on a tree to suffocate with steel spikes in his Appendages. Covered in his on blood. My King died. BUT Sunday is coming!!!!


When we look at how much change we’ve got to go it seems daunting. But when we look at where we started it seems like so far away. This can be with our repentance or our health or anything. I think 1% a day is ok. That little change every day can and will add up to alot over time. 365% in a year, in 10 years add a 0 to that. It means 1 choice a day or 1 thing too add or subtract from our lives every day. It just has to stay consistent. Don’t let it come back or go away. Some 1 things are small some are big. Just keep it going. A little better every day. You are worth it and my God is more than worth it. I’m not a Pastor. I am the least of the lay people but I say let’s cut out things that don’t Glorify God. Or Add things that do. I know it seems Youth groupy but let’s remember GGG. Give Glory to God. Let it be what you live by 1% better and GGG. I love you all Jamie.

A day in the life.

I still don’t know why this crud interesting but I accept that there are lots of people amused by how (insert some adjective here) is. So my day. Starts promptly at 7am every day. Now I feels as though I’ve paid the cost to be the boss but my wife is still the boss don’t be fooled by my not so smooth words. But she gets up earlier than me. But 7am. My wife gets ready for work and at 7 me and the baby get up. Change a wet diaper. Now mama gets the Kindergartener ready mostly. Fix a pot of coffee. I try to get her to eat something about 715 but she ain’t down wid that ever. Change a poopy diaper like clock work. Out the door at 735 to school. Now our house is a 2 minute drive from school so we can leave later that’s just the goal time. Get both kids buckled up and gone. School line drop off. Where every single grandma????? I think but nowadays who knows chain smokes and drives me crazy. Then to the post office. Then back home by 8. This is where the nothing begins. It’s a Black time hole that is conducive of getting fat and pissed of at stupid people on the internet. Me and Jojo play until 9 or so and then I attempt some bible study, I also attempt to get some food in the baby usually not happening. By 1030 she is grumpy and ready for a nap. Change another poopy diaper. I have made a deal with myself about 8 am to nap with her. But by this time I’m all jacked up on coffee and blood pressure meds. I watch some stupid movie quietly while she snoozes. She wakes up at 1230 or 1 hungry and ready to cuddle. Now we have to get changed and back in line to get sister by 2. We sit in line for 45 minutes or so and watch some ridiculous baby show while in the truck. Get sister and back home by 3. By this time I want mama to be home pretty bad. She used to get home at 345 on the nose but lately it’s crept up to 4 or 415. I notice because she is the only grown up I actually talk to. When she finally gets home I (when not hunting season) smoke her ears off with conversation. Now I have either cooked supper by this point or figured out what we are doing. Mama usually takes over baby duty and doody. Lily does homework and I chill out. Now around 5 or 6 my wife and I start some heavy sexual innuendo. We talk about all the stuff that’s going down later;);) we have supper and start winding down. We watch a kid show or read books. Then it’s bath time. Lil in bed by 830 ish. Now Jojo is another story maybe 1030. By then we are tired it’s 1130 or so. We finally get some of that stuff you get in bed…… sleep. The innuendo from earlier is put on hold until next time.


My opinion of the police may suprise you. My opinion thats a deep rabbit hole. But somebody on a forum asked for my opinion on the police in the U.S.  and ive thought on it a bit. Here’s what I think. I did  retire as the police. It’s all I know and how to roast coffee and how to change a diaper. Ok I wore alot of different hats as a policeman over my career. And I know that the majority of police are just as bad as everyone else… There I said it. I have seen some stuff good grief turrble. Now I grew up rough in a rough place on the river so I learned some stuff along the way. And we grew up and alot went to prison and a few went to college and I was the police truth be told there was no difference in the whole bunch of us. Same education, same poor broken homes. Some just didn’t go to prison. The college bunch and the police bunch prolly should have went for different reasons. 
We need fewer police. We have way to many. We have so many they are everywhere taking pictures and playing ball in neighborhoods. That is stupid. 
We have too many laws. Quit making new stupid stuff up. Let’s have the first 10 from Exodus and then anything that infringes on someone else. If you do something stupid to you ok go ahead should not illegal. If you want to put fertilizer in your butt because it makes you feel high go ahead. Just don’t bring that mess over here. 
The fewer police and laws we do have need to be hard core. If you break a law it will be bad. Of the few police have to deal with your stupid stuff they will beat the crap out of you first. We can solve alot by taking alot away. Everybody thinks the US is bad right now. Just wait these kids in school can’t fail!!! They can’t get in trouble. We used to weigh hmmm I want to get in a fight but I can’t get suspended for 3 days. Now they can call in a bomb threat and have 2 days iss. 
So to recap… Way fewer laws. And alot less police, but they will break your nose if they have to deal with you for messing up the few laws. Maybe also deal with your own mess and quit making drama and we would have less issues. I also don’t care what color you are this plan above works for everyone that doesn’t break the law. 

We fail

My generation and the ones before me have failed. But I believe that the generation to come will effectively seek God, spread Jesus to the ends of the world. I see it happening already. It’s our job to equip the kids. They do want God. The problem is WE FAIL TO GIVE IT TO THEM. We allow ourselves and our families to worship everything except God. Football…baseball.. hunting. Tv phones money. If the ball parts of this pisses you off you may have a problem and it’s not with me! We have to start really telling and showing our Kids! Yes we learned it in this messed up way but we can change for them for God! Equip these kids with the armor of God! We think we are making them happy and helping them to be successful, but as Lamentations says all that is worthless! What lengths should we go to protect our children.. to show them Jesus. Take them back from the world quit trying to ease them into it. I suppose you have to see that you (we) are the problem to make that happen. What steps will you take to make disciples?? So far probably none. Likely there is not even discipleship training at your church anymore. Well if we can’t make disciples out of our children they will not be part of this revival. Love ya Jamie

Cut it out

The devil. What a butthole. Here’s what the devil knows…. He knows he can’t come at me directly. He has to do it through something else or someone else. That devil can sneak in through anything. I’m sick of him. I’m taking a stand and kicking him out of my life. Kicking him out of my family. It is high time we stand up and take our families back. Back from death back from the gates of hell back to Jesus. We let things just go for so long like everything will just be ok. NO! We are slowly, quietly  and comfortably guiding our families to hell. Don’t stand for it. Time to take it back. Time to take a stand time to fight. Big steps not little ones. Here is the hard part everyone…. You have to fight as a family! One person can’t fight alone effectively. But if it’s all you alone you still gotta try. Cut out the things that take us away from GOD! Cut them away! The Bible says if your right hand causes you to sin then chop it off! It is better to live a few years with one hand than to spend eternity in hell because of it. So what do we need to cut out? Anything that takes our family away from Jesus. Do you pray a few hours a day? Why not? Oh work, you are so busy….. Get rid of it. Tv… Easy gone FB.. gone, Snapchat  cut that mess out it was made to help you cheat! Cut it out! Resist the devil and he will flee!

The Battle

You want to know what a bad feeling is??? After Committing to kill a red wasp with a flip flop. INSIDE THE HOUSE,on the ceiling!!! JoJo standing under me. I missed. And he went crazy. Now you can’t track a flying object indoors like you can outside. So I scoop JoJo up and get her out grab a fly swatter and come back. We did battle and I’ve lost him. So I patiently wait for his next move.

Houston we have a problem. 

Luke 24:49 And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.
Now I’m not a KJV guy. But the word Tarry made me use this translation. Until we have the Spirit we should Tarry. We should wait on the Spirit before we make any moves. Until we have the Spirit we may not be doing what we are meant. We may make it about glorifying me instead of God. But as soon as the Spirit comes, its time to get after it! Quit tarrying! Go into the world and spread the Word to the Nation’s! We all have work to do. If you don’t have the Spirit well you have a problem call me I gotta tell you about Jesus. If you know about Jesus and don’t have the Spirit and you been tarrying a while, then call me because you still have a problem. Of you are filled with the Holy Spirit then get yo butts to work!